The Mars Awakens Short Story Challenge!

Mars Awakens is out in Australian stores on May 3rd, and I am well on my way to finishing the second book in the duology! (Yay me!) So it’s time for a story challenge.

But first, some background … There are a lot of connections to the Martian moons, Deimos and Phobos, in the books (Dee, one of the main characters, is named after Deimos). And they’re pretty interesting moons. Much smaller than our own, not very round at all. Phobos is really close to Mars and orbits it four times every sol! Whereas Deimos is so small and far away that it’s more like a big star.

There have been a few attempts to send missions to the Martian moons, but either they’ve failed on the way or the idea hasn’t even got off the ground. I love being inspired by real science to think up weird and wonderful ideas. So it’s makes me imagine – What if there was something on the moons stopping us from getting there? Wouldn’t that be cool?

So here’s the challenge:

  1. Write a short story that has something to do with the Martian moons or draws inspiration from them. I don’t really mind about the length :), I’m more about the story idea and your world-building.
  2. Email your story to me (hmwaughwriter at gmail dot com) or have someone tag my instagram or facebook account with a post of your story.

I will choose the best story to have a character from the second book named after the writer!

Stories due to me by 31st May 2022, kids only 9 – 14 years 🙂

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