About HM Waugh

I’m a children’s book author, environmental scientist and educator. I love to empower kids through knowledge and literacy. Great books are key to this!

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Image: Jessica Wyld

I live with my hubby and child, three chickens, and quite a few fish. By day I can be spotted in classrooms and in gardens, pollinating cucurbits or inspiring kids to get their STEAM on (that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in case you’re out of the education loop).

I’m an avid reader of kidlit. I review books that connect with me, that make me read them way too late into the night, desperate to figure out what will happen. And then, I read them again to figure out how the author made something so awesome. I love to deconstruct books.

I write science non-fiction, middle-grade fic and young adult fic, usually with a pot of tea beside me (French Earl Grey please, black), even if it often goes cold.

My debut novel ‘The Lost Stone of SkyCity’ is out now. Yippee!

Read, enjoy and join the conversation!

HM (Heather) Waugh

BSc(EnvSc)Hons, GradDipEd(Sec)

Find me on twitter and instagram @hm_waugh

Unless otherwise stated, all photos on the blog are mine (or my husband’s) except for book covers, which come from publisher or author websites, and free images through Pablo.