Author presentations

IMG_20191211_135520273You know something I remember so vividly from high school? Something that inspired and encouraged me? I was lucky enough to have the fabulous Isobelle Carmody visit my school and talk to my class! <insert mental image of teenage me with my mind blown>

Author talks (whether virtual or face-to-face) can be amazing, inspiring a love of books and writing. Literacy is a superpower, and I love to be a part of encouraging more reading.

Below are talks and workshops I can present at your school, local library or (in these very strange times) online.

I’m a teacher and a scientist so if there’s something special you’d like me to talk about, a part of the curriculum you’d love me to touch on, or you’d like extra doses of STEAM, I can probably add that in. I have experience presenting to kids from Kindy to Year 12, so I can adapt to suit different ages if required.



Me eating crickets. Seriously, the things we do for our art …

Stories, science and inspiration: Meet the author

Year level: 3-8

Time: 45 min – 1 hr

How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time!

Discover the inspirations behind HM Waugh’s writing, 

including her novel ‘The Lost Stone of SkyCity’. Learn how using real experience and science helps make a story stronger. Why do authors sometimes eat crickets or take late-night self-defence classes? (Hint: it’s all about the research!). Explore the importance of resilience in real life, and in the book.

Optional Activity: Create a picture or mindmap of an imaginary world, bringing in some of your own experiences and places you’ve been.


Creating awesome stories workshop

Year level: 3-8

Time: 45 min – 2 hr

Learn some of the basics of plotting and world-building from HM Waugh, author of ‘The Lost Stone of SkyCity’. How can science and history help your imagination thrive and your story worlds buzz? Design your own story world, identify where you might need to learn more to make it stronger, and think about how science can help you find the answers.


IMG_20200223_145507_649World-building and wildlife

Year level: 3-8

Time: 45 min – 2 hr

World-building is so important in books! Some books include amazing plants and animals, but did you know it’s sometimes best to base imagination in reality?

Explore key elements of worldbuilding in HM Waugh’s ‘The Lost Stone of SkyCity’ and other books. Then learn about some of the world’s weirdest wildlife, and check your knowledge of our wonderful local native animals. Plus, go home with real ideas for how you can help save wildlife.

Activity: Invent your own mythical beings.