As exciting as a stint in an InvisiLounge -‘Skyfire’ (The Seven Signs #1)

SkyfireSeven teens from seven continents, trying to crack seven signs a day for seven days as the world progressively swirls down the proverbial toilet.

Gold. Total gold.

I was reeled in by Skyfire, the first in The Seven Signs series by Michael Adams, hauled deeper into the mystery the more I read. I’ll be honest, the first few pages I was totally thinking yeah, I know what this is all about. But then the characters came alive and the action began ticking. And awesome things began happening. And happening. And happening.

And then, hooly toolooly, the first signs arrived.

There was no turning back for me. I had to buy the rest of the series. I had to read them all, stat. I had to know what was happening and where were they going next and who was the Signmaker and for goodness’ sake, can someone let these kids sleep sometime!?

If you’re looking for adventure and action and friendship and surprises and an ongoing mental challenge, then this book – this entire awesome series – is for you. I absolutely loved the seamless integration of the futuristic world. Technology introduced so casually, and yet way beyond what we know. I loved the diversity of the characters and the changing settings.

And I totally want to ride in an InvisiLounge.

This is upper Junior Fiction to Middle Grade and a certain page-turner. Don’t expect to actually solve the signs before the characters do – they’re definitely not that easy. The Signmaker made sure of that…

And don’t ever expect to figure out who The Signmaker is until the very end. (And don’t be surprised if you then immediately need to reread a few sections and start making notes!)

Clever, so clever!

A recommended read.


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