Superb book-hug: ‘Take Three Girls’

TakeThreeGirls.jpgWhen I finished reading this book, I hugged it. Arms. Book. Chest. Smile.

‘Take Three Girls’ by Cath Crowley, Simmone Howell and Fiona Wood is a raw and sometimes confronting book that is also funny, heartfelt and inspiring.

The friendship is fab, the character arcs super, the characters themselves so realistic. I ache for them, I cheer for them, I worry for them.

The book is chock-full of positive ways for teens (especially girls) to learn to feel good about who they are, but without that terrible feeling you’re getting a super-side-serve of preaching with your fiction. It’s simply a beautifully masterful, exciting and enlightening book.

I find I don’t want to dissect ‘Take Three Girls’ like I normally would.

No. I want to hug it.


I think it’s because I’m now a teacher, and I’ve seen both ends of these character arcs, and that’s why this book hit me so deep. I’ve seen the terrible sadness and missed opportunity of kids who can only deal with hate by hating on others. A dreadful spiral.

And I’ve also seen the other end, teens who are happy to be who they are, comfortable wearing whatever, able to laugh at themselves. Who aren’t confined to strict social groups, who accept and acclaim differences in themselves and others.

I know which I’d rather my daughter grew into.

I wave at Clem, who’s laughing hysterically as she tries to get her paella past her beard. ‘Who’s she meant to be?’ Oliver asks.

‘Herself,’ I say, as my food arrives.

(p. 415)

So, depending on the age of the reader in question, ‘Take Three Girls’ is absolutely a book to warm the heart and inspire.

Be aware… it, like a lot of teenage life these days, is peppered with swear words, sexual references, awkward sex scenes, drugs and alcohol… so I guess I’m saying it comes with an appropriate age bracket warning. The characters are 16, I’d hazard a guess at 13+ for readership.

Prepare to be pulled into a wonderful book hug. And come out the other end ever so slightly more aware of how awesome you are.

I also challenge you to read page 286 and not feel something about the alternate reality Ady describes. Because… wow. It makes you think.

11 thoughts on “Superb book-hug: ‘Take Three Girls’

  1. Wow! Sounds fabulous. Can’t wait for this one to arrive in my US library. Meanwhile, I’m marching over there today and checking out Cath Crowley’s “Words In Deep Blue.” Thanks for keeping me up to the minute in stellar YA reads!!

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